Ask Uncle Shadow about… ‘Surviving the F.Q.’

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“You do not choose New Orleans. New Orleans chooses you,” says Smithsonian ink artist Welmon Sharlehorne, who has some important advice for locals and visitors alike planning on going to the French Quarter.

No one knows the lay of the land better.

Sharlehorne is a New Orleans folk artist who once spent 27 years in Angola prison.

Locked up, the Houma native created his  ink art with zero art supplies except for Bic ink pens and straight edges.

Those early works were mailed out of prison, eventually landing in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washing D.C.

“What a way to go.”

A.K.A. “Uncle Shadow” now trolls the French Quarter, jiving with locals and tourists alike.

He’ll draw one of his famous pictures (yes, with a Bic ink pen) to most anyone with the right price.

Shadow also has a unique talent to naturally rhyme while holding any conversation.

This time on “Ask Uncle Shadow,” Shadow is fielding questions on how to survive the French Quarter…

““Fun, Fun, Fun, Give me some.”


Below are some highlighted Uncle Shadow quotes:

On avoiding the F.Q. smell- “Garbage, puke and poo. I wouldn’t want that on me or you.”

On breaking the ice- “Speak and breath cause man, we are free.”

On maximizing the fun- “I don’t worry about nothing, baby, I’m for real. Life is so simple you don’t even have to make a deal.”

On personal security- “Thieves are watching you, all the way, from Canal to Esplanade.”

But most of all, Shadow recommends locals and visitors let go, use their gut instincts and most of all, do you, “Remember you’re in the French Quarter, keep it in order.”

“Straight and low. From my place, WGNO, Baby!”


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