Help This Homeless Man Get an Apartment

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KENNER, La. (WGNO) – When J Kostur noticed a car parked for weeks in his neighborhood he wanted to know why.

That’s when he found Patrick.

“Let me tell y’all a little more about Patrick,” reads the first line of a GoFundMe project started by Kostur this week.

“He works full time at Walmart for minimum wage, after taxes brings home $350 paychecks biweekly, pays 400 a month in child support for him one child, so that leaves him $300 a month to live off of. He’s not a bum, a drunk, or a drug addict. He’s just a guy who can’t get ahead.”

Kostur says the goal is to raise $1,000 for Patrick. He estimates that would cover two months’ rent so Patrick could get his life back, and not sleep in his car.

“To have someone in my community who is going through this is kind of a big deal because you normally have this happen in bigger cities like New York or Chicago,” Kostur said. “I would never think it would happen in this community.”

If you want to help Patrick go to

July 14th 2014 I was driving home from picking up my son from daycare and noticed a car that I’ve seen before parked on the outskirt of a public park. I decided to stop and talk to the guy. Once I got out of my car it became very apparent this man was living inside of his car. I walked up to the car slowly with my hands open showing I was not carrying a weapon. I introduced my self and immediately asked him if he was living in his car, with his soft voice and a nod he said yes, I asked if he needed anything . He took my hand a gave it a firm shake and said his name is Patrick and needed food. As I reached into my pocket for my wallet to grab some cash for a meal then I realized I had two free meal cards to chic fil a and that’s when it hit me this man is living in a car without any electricity, running water and food. So I have set up this fund for Patrick to help with basic necessities that we all take for granted, clothes, food, water, and shoes. Please help me support this man. Any little bit helps!

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