‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star John Schneider Talks About Directing and His New Life in Louisiana

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UPDATE: John Schneider’s movie ‘Smothered’ premieres Wednesday Oct. 22 at the Joy Theater.  Get details HERE.

(WGNO) – A star in one generation has become a director for a new generation. John Schneider aka Bo Duke has bought some land in Louisiana and plans to shoot his movies and possibly student productions there.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star sat down with WGNO reporter Jeff Womack to discuss his later endeavor.

“I felt more like a director at 10 years old than I ever felt on Dukes,” Schneider said. “I was an actor. It was great, but I wasn’t a filmmaker.”

From the driver’s seat to director’s chair, things are looking good.

Schneider said his new movie “Smothered” has a huge cast, especially for a horror movie. And according to reviewers it’s different. “They said the most amazing thing about “Smothered” is that no one has done this before.”

The premise. A beautiful girl lures people into her lair and kills them.

“Usually the story here is pretty college people are killed systematically by the guys in the mask. Now it’s all the guys in the mask being killed by the beautiful college girl,” Schneider explained.

But where the movie is being shot, is not just a set. It’s Schneider’s home. He bought the whole place.

“This place just screamed, screamed of horror movies, screamed of having every location I could possibly want,” he said.

Schneider’s property has a swamp, an old barn, a pool, and a house painted purple on one side and yellow on the other.

“We’re all children waiting for a bedtime story. We’ve had a rough day. We’ve done homework. We’ve been bullied at the soccer field. We just want a nice story that has solid beginning, a promise of a happy ending of some sort, and an end that will lull me into a wonderful night of sleep. People have gotten away from that.”

John Schneider studios plan to shoot two movies per year at the new location. The rest of the year he said he’ll help other students of cinema make their visions come alive.

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