Despite Laws Craigslist Adoption Ads Are a Growing Trend

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(WGNO) – Babies and toddlers up for adoption are appearing all over craigslist, a site typically used to sell old couches or slightly dented cars. But 28 states currently don’t prohibit adoption ads.

Louisiana is on the other half of the coin and prohibits the advertising of children but a quick search through a craigslist: New Orleans forum meant to discussion adoption show that’s not always the case. See state by state laws on adoption.

Our sister station in Anchorage, Alaska where advertising is allowed responded to four posts.

One person replied? With photos of a 4-year-old girl? And an explanation.

But for family law attorney Lori Colbert craigslist posts are very worrisome, “I’m very, very concerned about if there’s some illegal transactions are going on.”

Colbert has worked on adoption cases in Alaska for nearly two decades. She says the outright sale of children is a criminal.

“I would be really concerned that they’re somehow trying to sell babies,” she told KTUU as she looked over the posts. “The one about the baby in the church talks about $22,000 left in an account, and we don’t sell babies.”

According to the Alaska Department of Law, “there is no specific statute relating to online advertisements of this kind.”

Meaning? Private adoptions could result from a craigslist post, but there are requirements that need to be met to legalize the adoption.

“You would have to do a home stay. The state would have to approve you,” Colbert explained.

There are also court, state and attorney fees, which could cost between a thousand to $5-thousand. Colbert says that’s the only money you should have to pay if the adoption is a legitimate and ethical one.

KTUU said of the four posts its reporter responded to, they heard back from three of them. Two provided photos of young children.

Craigslist did not respond to their request for comment on this story.

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