I’ve Got Your Food Fix!

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Hey y’all! For the better part of the last two years, we have been showing you some great plates at some great places throughout the area with my Devour Power segment on News with a Twist. But I realized recently that in a city like ours there is so much going on I could talk eats almost daily. So I’ve decided to start blogging about everything me and my digestive system experience on a daily basis. Whether it is a great and unique item at a local eatery, special or seasonal items on our local fast food menus, thoughts on  traditional Louisiana dishes, or stuff I make at home it’s gonna end up here!

I grew up in the Midwest, so some of the cuisine here in the bayou took some getting used to. It certainly didn’t take me long to find some new favorites. I love seafood! In Ohio (my home state) great fresh seafood is hard to come by. So, when I got here and tasted the shrimp, redfish, crab and crawfish I was blown away. I must confess that I love the crawfish and the shrimp the most. I have even learned to boil my own seafood, and can attest that there is nothing better than having a boil with family and friends on a sunny Saturday in the spring.

So, if you see something here that grabs your attention feel free to e-mail with your thoughts. Also, if there’s a dish or place you think I should visit feel free to fire me a message at ezurcher@wgno.com