Vitter Answers Questions About Border Crisis

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David_Vitter_official_portraitU.S. Senator David Vitter reached out to the public Tuesday and attempted to answer questions about illegal immigration and the border crisis. The top ‘liked’ question and a statement asked, “Are we going to start deporting them, ASAP?” and “No question, just a request. Secure our border.”

To that, Vitter wrote he will be introducing a bill later this week that will “include mandatory detention and expedited removal,” adding, “this is one of my top priorities too.

But he offered little help when people criticized the Obama administration and their handling of the situation. “Do u think at the money the President wants will really stop people from crossing the boarders?” one Facebook user asked.

Vitter responded, “No. Actually, heck no. Obama has proven that he’s not interested in enforcing our current immigration laws.”

The discussion began around 1:30 p.m. and lasted about a hour. More than 708 comments were made.