Meet The Guy Who Helps Zac Efron Get Those Awesome Abs

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – He’s got big muscles and big celebrity clients.

You’re about to meet the personal trainer to the stars of Hollywood South.

We caught up with this muscle man at Franco’s on Magazine.

No need to guess what Aaron Williamson’s true passion is.  His bulging biceps and chiseled chest are total giveaways.

Fitness became Williamson’s passion while in the Marine Corps.

“As my time progressed in the Marines, fitness became a sanctuary and a place of peace for me.  When I had some tough times, I knew I could always turn to the gym.  It became a savior for me,” he said.

This 240-pound muscle man moved to New Orleans for contract work from Iraq.  He soon made a connection at the gym with a certain Hollywood hunk who was looking to gain muscle mass for a film.

“Ended up meeting Zac Efron.  He was filming “The Lucky One”.  We connected.  He plays a Marine in the movie and I taught him how to be a Marine.  Zac’s a really cool and funny guy.  He’s very intense about training.  His best body part is definitely his abs and chest.  I’m jealous of his chest, and he knows it too,”  Williamson said.

Now that he’s a film industry fitness expert, Efron isn’t his only celebrity client.   In Hollywood South, he’s worked with Sylvester Stallone,  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Josh Brolin, Adrien Brody, Hayden Christensen, Jamie Foxx and James Marsden.

“James Marsden is getting stacked for his new movie, “Best of Me”.  Fans will enjoy seeing him all muscled-up.”

Williamson said he feels very blessed to be working in the film industry with so many talented folks.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with extremely talented actors.  The majority of the time an actor will come to me because of the way they need to look like for a film,”  he said.

So how exactly did Aaron help Zac Efron get those awesome abs?

“We keep the training very functional.  We focus on cardio training.  We keep his dieting up, work with his metabolism, and keep his eating in check.  It’s a six-pack abs year-round type of program.”

He remembers one time, Efron wanted to work out so bad, nothing could stop him.

“He came in straight from set and he was all muddy from the rain.  We trained in sneakers, shorts, no shirt, and he was all muddy.  There was humor in that,” Williamson said.

From actors to TV Reporters, everyone needs a good personal trainer.  From the marines to the movies, Aaron is making a major mark.

He just signed on with Scene Magazine to write a weekly health and fitness column and he’s a stunt man/actor  in the new Terminator: Genesis.

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