Travel Girl: Tips for Traveling with Pets

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I’ve given lots of advice on traveling with kids. Today, I want to share a few tips for anyone taking off with a furry, four-legged travel partner

Pet travel requires some preparation, especially during the summer months.

Here’s a checklist to review before you head to the airport or hit the road with your pet.

First, be sure to confirm the pet policy with your airline, and/or hotel. Even if you’ve traveled with Fluffy or Fido on a certain airline or stayed in a specific hotel in the past, treat each journey as a new one and double check the rules. That way you won’t get stuck with a fine… or worse!

Next, update and pack your pet’s paperwork, including a vaccination report, a list of current medications, and your vet’s information.

Research online or call the hotel concierge to ask about a recommended veterinarian near where you’ll be staying.

Be sure to bring along a familiar toy or blanket from home to help your pet acclimate. And have them get used to any new travel crate well before your journey begins.

Don’t introduce any new foods during a trip; if you`re worried about what will be available once you arrive, pack or ship your pet`s food so that you can keep their diet consistent.

Finally, I turned to my favorite pet expert, Pet Trendologist Charlotte Reed, for her favorite summer travel tip–and it’s a good one.

She said treat your pet’s skin like you do your own and buy pet sunscreen. Don’t use human sunscreen. Talk to your vet and find one that is FDA compliant.

For dogs, you’ll want to apply it to their ears, muzzle, and their belly every few hours that your pet is in the sun.

You can follow the petrendologist on Twitter @charlottereed for more advice. And of course, follow me @travelgirlsteph for all kinds of travel tips for pets… and for humans!

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