Voodoo Athletes of the Week: Hahnville-Based Otto Candies

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(WGNO) – Our New Orleans Voodoo Athletes of the week come from the River Parish. The team played in the middle of the night Wednesday to win a district championship.

Hahnville-based Otto Candies faced Shaw-based Refuel Wednesday night for the American Legion Southeast Regional Championship. This was the second meeting between the two teams.

Refuel embarrassed Otto Candies Tuesday afternoon 5-1. Wednesday night revenge was best served cold.

Tyler Lamers tossed his second complete game of the tournament as Otto Candies defeated Refuel 4-2 at Kirsch-Rooney to advance to the state tournament next weekend.

Otto Candies will be the top seed at state.

The other teams that qualify for the tournament are Refuel, Peake BMW, Deanie’s Seafood and Retif Oil.

Hahnville-based Otto Candies is this week’s New Orleans Voodoo Athletes of the Week.


  • mona bagot

    A catch by Chase Bagot #11 was incorrectly attributed to Otto candies player Peyton Robert who is not the player that made that catch and hit today. It was chase bagot

  • mona bagot

    Peyton Robert #7 did make the catches in the previous game. But in today’s game by Otto Candies, the plays shown of #11 were incorrectly credited to Peyton Robert instead of Chase Bagot #11

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