Watch Out! Crawfish Boils and Pets Don’t Always Mix

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – Pets can eat all kinds of “foreign objects”– usually when their owners aren’t looking.  At Southeast Veterinary Specialists in Metairie, veterinarians say when pets eat something they shouldn’t, it’s often a seasonal item:  Christmas ornaments around the holidays, chocolate bunnies at Easter, etc.

But recently Southeast vets removed something from a bulldog’s stomach with a distinctly Louisiana connection.

When Elizabeth Larsen noticed that her bulldog, Turley, seemed to have an upset stomach, she took him to Dr. Rose Lemarie.  Dr. Lemarie ordered x-rays, and almost immediately discovered the problem.  Turley had surgery within hours, and when we saw him, two weeks later, Surgery Coordinator Jessica Bedford was removing the stitches.

So what had Turley swallowed? A corn cob.

Larsen said she couldn’t understand how it happened.  She says that she and her husband eat corn from a can, not a cob.  But when Bedford showed us the x-rays, she explained that it’s common to find corn cobs in pets’ stomachs this time of year– because it’s crawfish season.  Bedford says dogs will eat the leftovers from crawfish boils, and that includes the mini corn cobs.  “Everyone’s got their little piles of waste spread out on the table and they get knocked off,” she says, “and you have very curious dogs.”

Today, Turley is almost completely recovered, and Larsen is grateful to Southeast Veterinary Specialists.  “They’re super caring,” she says.  “I’ve had multiple nurses just call me and say ‘how’s he doing?’  They go beyond, above and beyond.”