Prayer Vigil for 12 Year Old Talajia Dorsey

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A community is banding together to cope with the death of a 12-year old girl.
Talaija Dorsey went missing last Tuesday, now the family is planning her funeral.
In a show of support hundreds gathered in St. James Parish Thursday to remember the little girl investigators are calling a murder victim.
Plates were sold at a fundraiser for Dorsey’s family. So too were pink and purple t-shirts.
People who attended a balloon release were asked to write heart-felt messages and release their pain.

“The pink was the last color shirt she was seen in and the purple was her favorite color; so it’s all about her,” neighbor Chanreyelle Jetson said.

“I felt as though she was my daughter and how I would feel; and she didn’t deserve to die like that. So I’m here today to support her and let her know that it’s alright. She’s in the Lord’s hand,” neighbor Karielle Poche said.

John Celestine, Dorsey’s mother’s fiancé has been charged with 1st Degree Murder.
The coroner is still working to determine an official cause of death.
Talaija are set for Saturday at 11am. at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in St. James.