Watch Engineers Break the Causeway

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JEFFERSON PARISH (WGNO) – The longest bridge over water is about to become even stronger. Plans for new metal rail work are underway for the south-bound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

Wednesday morning crew tested the old section of the bridge by applying just how much pressure the new metal frame-work could with stand.

“As a guy with a few degrees in engineering, it’s fun to go back and break stuff,” Carlton Dufrechou GNOEC General  .

Texas A&M engineers tested three final designs, as many as 30,000 pounds of pressure was put onto these double framed rail before it broke.

“Here we measure deformation. We measure load, and we load it to failure,” William Williams Texas A&M Engineer explained.

27,000 pound is the equivalent of a moving-truck full of furniture hitting the rail directly. Now the final test for the rails will be at Texas A&M in a series of crash tests. So far GNOEC is happy with the early results.

“These barriers have been here for 58-years. They have never failed a crash, and what we are seeing today indicates that these new rails have that strength or maybe even more,” Carlton Dufrechou said.