Entergy Proposes Raising Rates in Algiers

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If you live in Algiers get ready. Soon you may be paying more on your electric bill. Entergy Louisiana wants raise rates. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano reports customers are fighting back.

There was standing room only as several Westbank residents pack into the Algiers public library to find out more. Entergy Louisiana has proposed a rate hike affecting residents in Algiers.

It’s a nearly 30% increase that would be divided over four years. If approved the base rate on your next bill will be 9.8% higher. Year two expect to tack on another 6.5%. Year three the bill goes up an additional 6.1%, and the final phase brings the cost up another 5.3% for residential customers.

Entergy representatives say base rates haven’t increased in Algiers in 28 years despite improvements, yet residents at Monday’s town hall meeting feel duped.

“You’re making improvements that we don’t need. We didn’t ask you to do that.”

“I have never ever seen such ridiculousness when it comes to an electric bill!”

“I came here for an explanation, not excuses.”

“Why is this the first meeting that we’re having on this?”

“Entergy has a monopoly and we have limited choices!”

Entergy representative Gary Huntley says, “It’s a very hard message to deliver that the company has asked for a rate increase and it’s been a long time, so if you think about it from customer expectation, they’ve seen their bills very low for a very long time.”

Entergy initially sought to raise rates by a total of $12.9-Million. Recently the parties settled on a $9.2-Million increase.

Algiers resident Jermaine Lewis says, “I think we pay enough because I don’t see where they’re going to do anything more with the money that’s already being done. I mean, it’s just not fair to the people who are on fixed income.”

“If everything goes up always, never anything down, I mean, where’s it all going to end,” questions Algiers resident Irene Burrus, “Our standard of living just won’t be as good.”

Algiers residents still have another chance to voice their opinions. The New Orleans City Council is voting on this issue Thursday at 10am.

Entergy representatives say Entergy of Louisiana rates are pretty much going up across the board so if you live in another parish and are an Entergy Louisiana customer (not Entergy New Orleans) you may be seeing rate increases if you haven’t already.

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