Bourbon Street Feels Safer For Essence Fest

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It’s been one week, since gunfire broke out on Bourbon Street killing 21-year old, Brittany Thomas, and wounding 9 others.

With Essence Fest in full swing and 4th of July tourists in town, Bourbon Street is busy and so are police.

Visitors to New Orleans feel said they feel safe a week after the shootings.

“We’re not going to let something like that stop us from coming.  We know we will be safe.  You can’t live in fear.  You must keep moving and pray that everything will be okay,”  Mary Williams from Arkansas, said.

Safety is the name of the game.  NOPD definitely beefed up security with officers on every corner.

“Without seeing the security there, I probably wouldn’t want to stay long, but seeing them everywhere makes me feel comfortable,”  Chaundra Miller said.

Visitors also feel a little more peace of mind knowing that on Friday the NOPD arrested Trung T. Le.  Officers believe he’s the suspect who fired the first shot.  Le’s now being charged with 9 counts of attempted first degree murder and 1 count of first degree murder.

“I think it shows advancement with the New Orleans Police that they were able to find him so quickly,”  Lasaun Turner said.