Actress Malinda Williams and TV’s Derek J Give Hair Tips for Essence Festival

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“It’s all about the attitude and the presence that you bring OK,” says Celebrity Hair Stylist and TV Personality Derek J.

It’s an expression of art and attitude, but just like other art forms you need the right tools.

“Down here in NOLA it’s a little but different in terms of keeping these edges down, normally I keep my edges wrapped up or tied down with a foam, like a wrapping foam. Since the humidity is a lot thicker in New Orleans, I’m having to use Dr. Miracle’s styling gel to keep these edges down… but it’s all good because it’s going to be fabulous one way or another,” says Actress Malinda Williams.

Both Derek J and Malinda Williams are hosts for Dr. Miracle’s “Feel It” Formula hair care pop up salon at Hotel Modern. Williams knows all about being fabulous and she also knows all about hair.

“I actually went to cosmetology school right out of high school but I grew up in a home where our home always smelled like sulfur, my mom was always giving a jerry curl or a perm or cutting and coloring someone’s hair. That’s just how we grew up and for women, particularly for black women there’s an emotional attachment to hair,” says Williams.

Rock what you want long, short, smooth, curly the options are endless.

“Wigs have come a long way, now they look natural, you can buy them, they’re cheap so you can get different hairstyles. You can have a different hair style every day of the week if you want,” says Derek J.

“Look around here at the Essence Festival and you’ll see literally hundreds of thousands of hair styles, textures, colors, lengths you’re going to see wigs, weaves, perms, naturals and we need to begin to just embrace all of that,” says Williams.

Be bold and have fun with it, after all, that is the essence of great hair.

Malinda Williams has her own YouTube channel with hair tutorials, click here!


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