Slidell Police Arrest Woman Accused of Leaving 5-Month-Old in Hot Car

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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – Slidell police say they arrested a woman who left her five-month-old baby in a hot car at a strip mall in the city.

According to police, 44-year-old Gloria Elzy told them that she forgot the child was in the car.  An alert bystander is credited with noticing the child and notifying police who used what’s called a lockout device to open the door.

Chief Randy Smith says he can’t believe that anyone could forget about having a child in their car.  He says the child was unresponsive and sweaty and had been in the car for about 30 minutes.

The city’s office of child services is also involved in the investigation.  Elzy faces a felony charge of second degree cruelty to juveniles and remained in jail late Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the child receive emergency treatment and made a full recovery.