2014 Uncle Sam Jam Kicks Off the 4th of July Holiday Weekend

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Food, fun and fireworks!

Jefferson Parish is celebrating the 4th of July one day early with Uncle Sam Jam.

“Oh this is beyond. I mean it’s over the top great!”

“It’s good entertainment, it’s family fun, it’s a beautiful day and a beautiful place!”

“I love it! I do it every year.”

“This is my first time coming, but I’d like to come again next year.”

“Everyone gets off of work at 5pm today, so everything has to start today. We have stuff going on tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!”

“I get to celebrate twice. I’ll be here with coworkers and my small family, but tomorrow I can still be with the big family. So it’s like a double holiday for us.”

The free event is packed with good times for the adults, the little ones and our four legged friends, but the absolute highlight for most is close to 22 minutes of fireworks lighting up the sky over Metairie.

This year the parish gets to show off their brand new Al Copeland Stage.

Jefferson Parish President John Young says, “This is a great venue and now instead of having to put up a portable stage like we have in years past we have the Copeland Meadow Stage so thanks to that family and that foundation.”

It was built to hopefully attract big acts and tonight they can check that goal off their list.

Country great Lee Greenwood is headlining.