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Bourbon Street Bars Want Something Done About Street Violence

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Early Sunday morning, gunfire erupted on the World-famous Bourbon street and now businesses in the area are fed up with the lack of safety.

“Too close for comfort.”

Huey Farrell is the manager at Bourbon Heat, which got caught in the line of fire.

“Look here, you can see a bullet hole in our door.  No place is safe until we get more police officers on Bourbon Street,”  he said.

The last thing he wants is his customers not to feel safe.  On busy nights there are 10 security guards on-site and they have surveillance cameras.

“This isn’t the first incident of guns on Bourbon,”  he said.

Farrell feels businesses should never have to deal with this kind of violence.  A block away at Tropical Isle, their bartender stepped into action helping a gunshot victim.  They also made sure that everyone was safe inside.  After the shooting, they locked their doors.

Danny Kilbourn at Bourbon Pub & Parade  feels it’s not in their job description to be dodging bullets.

“If I was a 6 foot 5 inches superhero, I would beat the hell out of anyone with guns who didn’t know how to use them properly.”

Businesses have had enough and want the City of New Orleans to do more to protect everyone.

“We want to pay for our own security, because we don’t think there’s enough here right now,”  Farrell said.

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  • ahcontraire

    Considering that Bourbon St Bar Owners make millions and millions of dollars from the millions of tourists each year,
    why can't they have their own special taxing district like Mid-City, Garden and other neighborhoods?

    Do you hear or see Mid City or Garden crying for state police?

    But let's repeat, Bourbon St makes millions and millions of dollars so a special security tax could easily be paid by the bar owners, correct?

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