Houma Man Struck by Lightning Shares his Story

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HOUMA, La. (WGNO) – A Louisiana man struck by lightning has been released from the hospital.

He says he remembers standing in his backyard; then heading to the hospital. He shared his story with WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

“All I was doing was bringing in the dog,” said the unidentified victim.

This is where authorities say a Houma man was struck by lightning.

It happened Monday morning when he went to retrieve his dog from the backyard.

“All I remember was waking up in my kitchen and just going to the hospital.”‘

Dazed and confused, paramedics rushed him to Terrebonne General Medical Center.

The storm raged on. Neighbors remember hearing a loud boom and feeling the ground shake.

“And when it struck it hit very hard and it made me jump; made him jump,” Judy Bergeron recounted. “He was in the shed.”

It was later reported that a nearby business and a house had also been hit; along with the guy across the street.

“That’s crazy, that’s insane,” Judy Bergeron said.

“I think it’s amazing that he’s alive it’s only by the grace of god,” Charles Bergeron said.

A Georgia man was knocked out of his steel toe boot, when he was struck by lightning over the weekend.

He’s sharing his story with the world.

The Houma victim doesn’t want to be identified.

He says when doctors checked him out he told them he was feeling numb at times, and tingling at others.

He was released in good shape.

Trotter asked, “Oh how are you feeling today? Feeling good. Probably gonna go back to work tomorrow,” the victim mumbled speaking through his partially opened front door.

“Well it must not hit him directly but close enough to where electricity passed through the ground you know he could feel it,” Mr. Bergeron said. “Because if you ever see a tree hit by lightning it splits it apart. So I would say it was really really close.”

A close call for the man who is now grateful.

“It does feel great that I did survive it. I thank god for it and everything,” the victim said.

Trotter asked his neighbor, “Think he should play the lottery now? No, I still don’t believe in the lottery,” Mr. Bergeron replied.

Authorities say it was a ground current strike that sent the victim to the hospital.

His injuries could have been fatal.

To protect yourself from lightning strikes, authorities suggest staying indoors and away from electrical equipment.