4 Surprisingly Simple Travel Tools

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Today I want to share some packing tips with you, not necessarily how to travel “light,” but how to travel “right!”

There are a few items you`ll always find in my suitcase or carry-on that have multiple uses. I call them my collection of  surprise travel tools. They are easy to pack and have come in handy more times than I can count!

First – for eating on the go, anywhere, anytime: chopsticks! You never know when you’ll need dining utensils, and these simple sticks can keep you from starving.

You could be waiting to board your plane at the gate, or riding a camel on a safari in the middle of the desert.

Wooden chopsticks hardly take up any room, they won`t be a problem at airport security, and they are sturdier than plastic forks and spoons.

So the next time you order Chinese take out, pick up a few extras and slide them in your carry-on.

Now, here’s one for every travelgirl – or guy – who brings along a little bling… plastic drinking straws!

Use them to keep your necklaces from being tangled. Cut them as needed, to fit your accessories, and then, tuck them into your jewelry bag or toiletry kit. It`s an easy, inexpensive way to keep your precious jewelry safe and sound.

Next, here’s an idea to help you see clearly when it comes to mini-storage: contact lens cases.

Most people who wear contacts have an endless supply of these plastic containers, normally used to store your lenses overnight. But when you`re traveling, you can use the extras to store small earrings, pills, or even a small supply of make-up for on-the-go application!

Another plus – a thief looking to steal your diamond stud earrings probably won`t think to look there!

Finally – extra luggage tags, not to use for your luggage, but instead, for your kids.

This is especially useful for families traveling to big amusement parks or attending outdoor events.

I also recommend it for anyone traveling through busy airports with kids or even when you`re taking a road trip and you know you`ll be stopping at highway rest areas.

Make sure you choose a tag with a flap that has to be lifted in order to see the information, or one with an identification card that`s not blatantly obvious.

Why? You want to be sure that no shady characters can read your child`s name or other information from afar.

So there you have it – four easy to get items to help you travel more smoothly on your next journey.