Louisiana Brothers Have the Ultimate Sandbag Making Machine

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BELLE CHASSE, La. (WGNO) – During hurricane season it may be good to have these ‘next guys’ on speed-dial. They can bust out 20 sandbags in two minutes with a machine resembling Optimus Prime.

“So what usually takes a day, we can do in an hour,” says Kajun Flood Workz owner Jacob Erfle. “We can produce approximately three to four hundred sandbags in an hour.”

Enter Sandmaster, a giant sand-scoop attachment resembling an enormous cupcake tray.

“There’s 20 bags,” says Erfle. “They fit through the holes in the top. It`s a custom sandbag with a draw string top. The weight of the bag actually drops it down and singes it shut.”

Jacob has help from brother Jeremiah, both grew up here, “So I know how hard it is to sandbag in the middle of a storm. One bag at a time. One person holding the bag. One person shoveling.”

Jacob says the goal is to free-up manpower, so they can get out-of-town when a storm is coming, “We are the only company in Louisiana that owns this attachment. It will work on anything, like our other tractor over there.

“And this machine doesn’t get tired.”

Oh yeah, they not only make them. They move them.

“You dont have to carry them or put them in a boat or on a trailer and try to have people move em, says Jacob. “And then you wind up getting people hurt. We can fill the sandbags, drive this machine up on to the levee and drop them.”

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