New Majority Whip Comes Home to Jefferson for Victory Celebration

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Congressman Steve Scalise comes home to a victory party Friday celebrating his election as the new House Majority Whip.

Scalise is back in Jefferson Parish for the first time since ascending to the no. 3 leadership post for House Republicans.

Now known as Mr. Majority Whip, Scalise comes home with intentions of using his new influence to better Louisiana.

“It has been a wild ride these last 9 days,” Scalise told supporters. “Frankly we shocked a lot of people, cause no one thought i was going to be able to win outright.”

As Majority Whip, Scalise will be in charge of persuading the votes needed to advance republican legislation.

He is Louisiana’s first member of the house leadership since 1999.

Scalise admits New Orleans cuisine helped sway some votes, “We had Boudin Balls. We had oysters. We had gumbo. It was just a great Louisiana festival. If they weren’t all in before they were really all in now.”

But it was the symbolic red bat driving home the winning runs, “And I got to tell you the room erupted because it says ‘Bring the Wood Scalise Whip Team 2014 G-E-A-U-X,’ and we all know what that means.”

Scalise vows as the new Majority Whip to persuade congressional voters to help people back in his hometown, “It means that our voice is going to be even louder when we are pushing for those things that are important to the people of Southwest Louisiana who I represent. We are not going to change, and we’re always going to bring the wood.”