Shooting Victim Drives Two Blocks Away So His Kids Wouldn’t See Him Die

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police_lightsMEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A man turns his life around, only to be violently murdered just feet from his Southeast Memphis home.

Both of Kenneth Matthews’ daughters were asleep inside, so he drove down the road to lure his killer away and protect them.

“I’m just hurt. I’m hurt as hell,” said Matthew’s sister Shelia Watkins.

Watkins said a part of her is now missing. Her baby brother shot outside his home on Sharpe Avenue while his daughters, 5 and 11, were inside.

She said Matthews, who many knew as K-Mac, drove away to lure his killer away and make sure his daughters didn’t see him die.

A picture of his car shows every window shot out. Police found it a couple blocks away off Patterson.

“He was super dad. That’s who he was. That’s what defined him now,” said Watkins.

Watkins said what hurts the most is that her brother just pulled his life together. He went straight after being a pimp for many years.

He realized being a father was what mattered. He just got custody for his two girls.

“[His kids] are all very distraught. He was a good father,” said Tunya Currie, the mother of Matthew’s first born.


Matthew’s killer got away. The family thinks it was a robbery gone wrong, but don’t know because they said detectives haven’t called to check in.

“I haven’t seen the police yet,” said Currie. “He wasn’t a violent person, so whatever this was, I am sure it was random and nothing to do with him.”

“K-Mac has taken care of a lot of people. You know who you are. He has been great,” said Watkins.

The family said this will take a while to grasp and even longer to heal.

“A father has been taken away from his kids, his family and loved ones,” said Currie.

WREG asked police if they had any new developments, but they said they won’t get back with us until Thursday.

Family members are taking care of his children, and are begging you to come forward if you can help solve this case.