Algiers Residents Demand Attention: Fix My Street!

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Bright red signs asking for the City of New Orleans to fix the streets of taxpaying residents are invading a new neighborhood. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano takes us across the river.

Algiers residents are fired up and fed up. They’re hoping a commotion will generate enough attention to generate progress and finally fix the pothole problem.

Barbara Quartana describes driving through the streets of Algiers, “like an obstacle course. You have to dodge this hole, swerve and dodge the next hole. It’s terrible!”

Casey Bealer says, “I’ve scraped up the bottom of my car many times and just pushing my kids in the stroller; it’s impossible to get around.”

The Fix My Streets NOLA campaign that started months ago with a few yard signs in Lakeview has infiltrated the West Bank.

Eric Songy, President of the Bocage Civic Assocciation says, “Because we didn’t flood the attitude has been, or at least so we’ve been told by city officials, that they can’t get FEMA funds for the streets on the West Bank.”

Songy wants the city to take action. He says residents in Algiers are plagued by potholes and un-kept streets. It’s why he’s equipping neighbors with these bright red signs that read: “Fix My Streets. I Pay Taxes.”

Resident Jeffrey Bealer says, “We all feel that we do pay our taxes in the city, so we should have at least our streets fixed.”

Marlene Chandler says, “I don’t mind paying my taxes because I know they will better my neighborhood, but if you’re not doing anything with my money, let me fix my street with my money.”

Songy says, “If they want us to increase the mileages, I want our streets fixed.”

The City of New Orleans sent us this statement:

“When Mayor Landrieu took office, we made it a priority to work with FEMA to identify funding to repair roads damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Our efforts paid off and to date, FEMA has awarded the City $280 million for road repairs in neighborhoods across New Orleans, including an over $5 million investment in Algiers. Over the next several months, the City will ramp up road repairs as part of this Recovery Roads Program.”