Recent Bicyclist Attacks Put Bywater Women on High Alert

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Women living in the Bywater area tell us they are fed up and worried. They feel they’ve become a target, especially if they’re riding bike alone at night. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano has the latest on similar attacks haunting women there, and surveillance video that could help you identify the criminals.

Tereson Dupuy moved to the Bywater with her family about a year ago.

“It’s just a great place to live, and I can ride my bike to anywhere in the city,” says Dupuy.

Like many in the Bywater Dupuy primarily uses her bike to get around, but as of now she is changing her habits. You won’t find her on a bike once the sun goes down.

“It’s planned. People are hiding out and they’re waiting for these ladies to come on their bike and attack them. Now I have to change what I’m doing because I don’t know who is hiding behind the next car,” says Dupuy.

News of two recent attacks has women peddling through in the Bywater on high alert. Both attacks happened near the corner of Clouet and Burgundy involving women riding their bikes alone at night.

Bywater resident Adrienne Bell says, “I haven’t been riding my bike at night so much anymore, but I know that it’s happening in the daytime at times as well. It does worry me, but I tend to ride fast too.”

The latest incident happened Tuesday at around 1 a.m. The Bywater Neighborhood Association shares pictures with WGNO saying a man inside the pictured car got out, hid, and attacked a woman as she peddled by. Reports show the attacker eventually drove away after the woman broke free.

bywater attack

Credit: The Bywater Neighborhood Association (click to enlarge)

Just 10 days earlier on June 7th police say a similar scene unfolded.  Surveillance video captures a blue Toyota Corolla coming up a one way street the wrong way while chasing a woman riding bike. The woman falls and instead of running away, she goes back for her bike and is attacked by the female driver and a male who rolls up on his bike. Both eventually take off in the car when neighbors come out to help.

Bywater resident Audrey Wagner says, “My boyfriend was inside of the house and he heard it and ran out too screaming and all the other neighbors came out too.”

They are two troubling incidents the neighborhood doesn’t want to deal with.

“We all share that same sentiment that, you know, we’re afraid,” says Dupuy.

The NOPD says they’ve stepped up patrols in the area to keep women safe. So far no arrests have been made.