Cross-Dressing Guy Says He’s Not Manly Enough to Keep Gym Membership

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A cross-dressing guy says he lost his gym membership because he’s not manly enough. The controversy centers on the use of locker rooms, and what makes other members comfortable.

The former gym member shared his story with WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

“I been this way all my life,” Slidell native Keegan Burnett said.

All Keegan Burnett wanted to do was get in shape. But soon after joining Slidell Athletic Club there was a problem.

Keegan was allegedly denied use of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

“I should be able to use the men’s facility because I am legally a man,” Keegan said.

Despite the acrylic nails on his hands and feet, and despite the women’s clothes, hair and make-up Keegan identifies himself as a man.

“I guess I don’t meet the standard of masculinity and they figured that I probably can just go anywhere and use the bathroom but not at they facility,” Keegan said.

He says the one time he went to the men’s locker room, he was met with physical and verbal opposition.

He took his concerns to management and ultimately lost his membership.

“I think what’s most upsetting is when you have a situation where someone is harassed by individuals and the organization or a company decides to take the side of the people who are doing the harassment,” Forum For Equality Executive Director Sarah Jane Brady said.

Sarah Jane Brady works to end discrimination in the LGBT community.

“There should be no way shape or form where someone should be asked to leave a health club or theater or a library or anywhere, restaurant because who they are; or who they’re perceived to be,” Brady said.

In a statement Slidell Athletic Club Manager Tina Clair said, “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We wanted Keegan to stay a member, but he felt uncomfortable. We cancelled his membership per his request and issued a refund.”

Keegan maintains he is a victim of discrimination.

“You have people come in here with purple hair, blue hair, green hair, piercing and tattoos all over. You don’t tell these people anything,” Burnett said. “I want to let them know that it’s not right. This is 2014; everybody have a right to be who they are.”

Clair says Keegan wanted to use the women’s locker room, but she simply couldn’t allow it.

Keegan denies that claim.

Meanwhile, The Forum for Equality is working hard at the state level to end discrimination in the LGBT  community.


  • Guest

    Mr Keegan Burnett can not use the womans facility because he is a man. If he wanted to use the men's facility then he should have taken the other men's confort into consideration and presented himself as a man when using the facility. I know I would be uncomfortable being in a mens facility with a woman looking human walking in. Majority still rules in this country!

    • danielle

      he did not want to use the women's facility. he wanted to use the men's. if men are uncomfortable, they do not have to look. I don't like when old women walk around the locker rooms buck naked or allow their 3 to 5 year old children to strip and run about with their dirty underwear on the floor, but alas, it isn't always about me.

      • Susan

        Please reread the article. He wanted to use the women’s locker room because he felt uncomfortable using the men’s. Thank you Slidell Athletic Club for standing your ground and protecting the women of the club. This guy said he is legally a male. What the heck? The world should not have to cater to him. I think his claims are a bogus attempt for attention and profit.

  • danfrommv

    "Meanwhile, The Forum for Equality is working hard at the state level to end discrimination in the LGBT community"

    But, LGBT doesn't cover cross-dressing. He could be G or B (but not necessarily), and eventually T. Definitely not L, at least until a T. Anyway, he needs a different group to represent if he is just a cross dresser.

  • ElliotJKlein

    The gym I belonged to in Phuket, Thailand had an optional third locker room in addition to the men's and women's. With all of its faults, Thailand is light years ahead of the US when it comes to not perpetuating gender discrimination.

  • ElliotJKlein

    Really? You censored the name of a city? I guess Thailand is light years ahead when it comes to journalism, too. No, not really. They turned off CNN and the BBC when the coup started.

  • John

    why is it that we have to cater to the few and make the rest of everyone around us uncomfortable? It is a shame in this world we live in when we cant even speak our mind when it comes to stuff like this anymore. instead the few people who just want attention or to perv on someone else are granted more rights than the mainstream public who think this kind of behavior is ridiculous.

  • Greg

    It's no wonder people are uncomfortable and don't know how to handle these situations at a business level. You have people that are male, dress like females, but consider themselves male. You have people that are male, dress like females, but consider themselves female. You have females that dress like males, but consider themselves female. You have females that dress like males, but consider themselves male. Then you have people that are male, dress like male, consider themselves male. On and on and on and on. It comes to a point where you don't know who is who is what anymore. What's to stop some pervert from "pretending" he/she is the opposite sex merely to get into a different locker room? I'm not bashing anyone or their choice in anything, but wow, all the different combinations are confusing and sometimes people are just going to have to make the best of a situation because they don't fit the definition of normal in a society.

  • Dave

    Agree and shame on WGNO and this reporter for spotlighting this person and bashing a business based on heresay.

  • SGJ

    This attention seeker cancelled his membership and it was not cancelled at the clubs request. He was offered a private restroom to use and he refused. He wanted to use the women’s locker room, a request he knew would not be granted, then he used that refusal to cancel his membership on the basis the other members in the men’s locker room made him feel uncomfortable, but he never identified those people, nor did he specify what they allegedly did. Totally bogus and this reporter needs to be given something important to work on.

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