Hear His Voice! St. Rose Native Dreams of Going Country

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ST. ROSE, La. (WGNO) – There’s a young man from St. Rose named Billy Wallace.   He has a voice that sounds as old and rich as Lyle Lovett or Johnny Cash.  Instead, he’s a Destrehan High School Senior and he released a Country music album for his senior project.   News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini met the singer who has an amazing start to a bright future.

From running Cross Country to taking a date to Senior Prom, Billy Wallace, is like any other graduating senior.

“The name is definitely country,” says Wallace.

Fittingly so, the Destrehan High School student decided to release a Country music album for his senior project.

Wallace says, “My mom was kinda iffy about it at first.  She was like, I’ve never heard you sing by yourself, how do you know how to write music?”

With no formal training, Billy reached out to Andrew Duhon for help.  The New Orleans singer and songwriter coached him through some long sessions in the studio.  It’s a sound people seem to like, especially young girls.

“I have been getting random Twitter messages and Facebook messages.  I guess it just comes with the territory,” says Wallace. (Follow Wallace here: @bmwall23)

The St. Rose native released three songs for his EP titled “The Way I Am.”

“My inspiration really just comes from living in southern Louisiana and hanging out with my friends, that’s what I write about and that’s what I know what to write about,” says Wallace.

Billy wrote each song himself and made a music video to the one titled, “Be Okay.”

“It’s about a breakup that you think you’re not going to live through and you’re fine.  So that’s definitely relatable in high school.”

With thousands of views on Youtube, the girl in the video is getting just as much attention as Billy’s voice.  She does look strikingly familiar.

“I’ve gotten at least 10-15 times that she looks like Kate Middleton and I agree,” says Wallace.

She’s actually a friend from school.

Billy’s songs are already on iTunes.  He’s already had more than a hundred pre-orders for his CD’s and to all those naysayers…

“They really love it now.  I don’t think they expected that I could actually do it.  I don’t think anyone did actually.  I do want to keep doing this for the rest of my life.  If something big were to happen such as a record deal or maybe move to Nashville, that would be great but if it just stays like it is, small, I’d be totally happy with that,” says Billy.

No matter where Billy’s musical journey takes him, he’ll be okay.





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