Alligator Feeding is Illegal in Jefferson Parish, Despite Viral Video

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Airboat guide feeding alligator from his mouth!

MARRERO, La. (WGNO) –Video of a swamp tour guide feeding two alligators marshmallows from his month has gone viral. Lance LaCrosse, who works for Airboat Adventures can be seen in the video posted last month to YouTube, swimming with the two wild animals, rubbing them, teasing them, and eventually feeding them to the amazement of guests.

The 29-year-old told ABC News he is scared ever time he jumps in the water, “I’m scared there is an alligator at the bottom I can’t see.”

But despite the obvious risk of feeding alligators while swimming with them, it violates a Jefferson Parish ordinance that prohibits the feeding of alligators in parish waterways.

“Just recently, this information was brought to our attention. Prior to that, we had no formal complaint, nor, were we ever notified of any illegal activity involving the swamp tour boat companies,” JSPO spokesman, Col. John Fortunato said.

“We have now initiated our own investigation into the incident. As a result, officers from our LASER Division have met with representatives of the swamp tour boat companies in Jefferson Parish and have instructed them to cease and desist any type of activity involving the feeding of alligators. Each of the businesses we visited, were provided a copy of the Jefferson Parish ordinance on this subject.”

Though feeding alligators is a parish violation and not a Louisiana law, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is working closely with JSPO in this investigation.