Friday the 13th and a Full Moon? Whoa!

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Are you in for the night?

Might be a good idea if you’re superstitious.

For the first time in a long time, there’s a full moon on Friday the 13th.

This event is predicted to spawn extreme spiritual and superstitious anomalies on an accelerated level.

“Tonight is the night,” says Bug, who knows about these things.

“Anything that is coming into your life, it’s going to come into your life ten times greater because it’s a full moon.”

“The owner of 13, he was born on the 13th, and he also passed away on the 13th, says bartender Emma Williams at ‘13’ on Frenchmen Street.

Williams says a mystifying tab from her lead-off customer is how her Friday the 13th began, “The first sale of the day was $13 even. It hit me right away and everyone had this big oooooo moment. And a couple earlier saw our 13 sign and said we had to come in. It’s Friday the 13th.”

“Oh yeah,” she says, “Look at our address outside. It’s 517 Frenchmen. If you add that up, it equals 13.”

Down the block at Downtown Tattoos, a sale on tattoos.

“They all have the number 13 in them,” says Kim Harrison, in line for the deal. “And you pick from a selection and they do it for $13.”

“I was born on a Friday the 13th, so it’s actually a big day for me,” says a customer nearby, getting a $13 tattoo too. “I just love the 13th. No matter, if it’s on a Friday or not.”

Back to Bug, who studies powers connected with the moon, advises people on this rarest of nights, to exalt positive vibes, “Cause if you put out bad energy, you better get your pray-on and be prepared to take your lick.”

June 13th is the last full moon / Friday the 13th earth will see until October 13th, 2049.