VIDEO: Louisiana Guide Feeds an Alligator Marshmallows from His Mouth

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MARRERO, La. (WGNO) – When Lance LaCrosse takes you on a swamp tour be ready to hold your breath, also maybe gasp. The 29-year-old guide actually gets in the murky gator invested water, teases, rubs and feeds the deadly reptiles — sometimes allowing the animals to snatch marshmallows from his month.

“Every time I jump in the water I’m scared,” he told ABC News. “I’m scared there is an alligator at the bottom I can’t see.”

A video of LaCrosse doing his thing has ranked up thousands of views on YouTube, but it has also caught the attention of Wildlife officials in Jefferson Parish.

They told ABC News they are reviewing the video to see whether any laws were broken.  It is not illegal to feed alligators in Louisiana but it is prohibited in Jefferson Parish, where Airboat Adventures is located.


The National Park Service “always encourages staff and visitors to treat any wild animals with extreme caution. Feeding wild animals trains them to see humans as a food source, and that can be highly dangerous for both humans and animals,” a representative told ABC News.

Tourist, Stacy hicks, who shot the viral YouTube video called the experience “a bit unnerving.”

“I was worried about his safety,” she said, “especially since he told the group he had been bitten a few days before.”