47-Year-Old Man Plans to Swim Across Lake Pontchartrain

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JEFFERSON PARISH (WGNO) – He’s 47-years-old and showing no signs of slowing down. Actually, Matthew Moseley plans to set a record Tuesday night by becoming the first solo swimmer to swim 25 miles across Lake Pontchartrain.

“There are some bull sharks, there are I think some gar right around in this area apparently. There’s a little wildlife; nutria, but once you get out it’s fine,” says Moseley.

Moseley will be following the English Channel rules which mean he won’t be able to touch another boat or person, but his support team will be close by. His swim is scheduled for Tuesday at 9pm. It should last 12 to 13 hours.

“We’re doing it at night for a couple of reasons. It tends to be calmer with the weather, but also I feel like there’s kind of a nice feeling of swimming at night that you’re not marking off of a landmark or even the Causeway, and you just kind of get in this space and keep going,” explains Moseley.

Besides fulfilling a personal goal Moseley is hoping to inspire others to continue to battle to save the coast. His swim also coincides with the 25Th anniversary of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. Moseley hopes the swim will acknowledge their success in cleaning up the lake.

LPBF Director John Lopez says they’ve taken Lake Pontchartrain from a lifeless, dirty body of water and turned into a resource with a healthy water quality, and a healthy supply of fish. He says all that is lacking is accessibility on the South Shore.

“Right now we only have two public beaches on the lake on the North Shore, North Shore Beach and Fontainebleau Beach. They are nice beaches, but a lot of people would rather not travel so far,” explains Lopez.

It’s a long term goal Lopez is working on while Matthew Moseley focuses on the task at hand.

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation is collecting donations that will go towards a documentary highlighting Lake Pontchartrain and the need for coastal restoration, as well as restoring Lake Pontchartrain.

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