Debut of Top Squad’s New Rap Video ‘You Don’t Want This’ (Censored and Uncensored )

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Never before has News With a Twist launched a music video exclusively on our website.

Until now.

Making their breakout debut, the New Orleans rappers of Top Squad (AL’s and J-Eazy) performs ‘You Don’t Want This’.

The rap video depicts a confrontation and the mind-set needed to survive on the streets, “Just don’t cross the line and everything will be fine,” says J-Eazy. “The scenes you see like the graveyard is basically saying, you don’t want none of that.”

WGNO does not condone the violent nature of ‘You Don’t Want This.’

But we fully support the First Amendment rights of New Orleans born rappers, AL’s and J-Eazy

“It’s the street life,” says AL’s. “Sending a message out there, ya heard me? Telling these people that they don’t want it. All these young dudes and gang violence. Dealing with me, you don’t want it.”

Top Squad says all the swearing, obscene gestures and gang signs are their way of making a point.

New Orleans is known for frequently producing some of the world’s biggest names in rap.

But AL’s and J-Eazy don’t care.

“Nobody in New Orleans inspired me,” says AL’s. “ Lil Wayne, nobody. I’m gonna do me, regardless.”

“Been a minute,” says J-Eazy. “So we trying to drop something to bring the city back alive.”


‘You Don’t Want This’  UNCENSORED VERSION 

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