Hater Speeders? Some Say This Sign Takes it Too Far

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speeding photo

(Credit: News 12)

WAYNE, N. J. — Hate people speeding through your neighborhood? A fed up father of three in New Jersey put up a sign threatening speeders with more than just the police. It reads:

WARNING: If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding you will not need a lawyer.

A large handgun is also featured at the bottom of the sign.

Sign creator Craig Rovere, said speeding had become a big problem and nothing else seemed to work.

“We had one [sign] shaped like a kid – with a little flag. Came home one day and it was run over. So that’s sort of the last straw,” Rovere said.

While most people support Rovere and his efforts, he also admits some in the neighborhood have a problem with his implied threat.

“I mean, guns exist, guns kill people – but cars kill people too. It’s kind of a hot button issue and that was the idea — I needed something…just a sign that said ‘slow down’ that doesn’t work,” he said.

Rovere told NEWS 12 the implied threat is an empty one.  He does not plan on shooting anyone, rather the sign was aimed for shock value.

The sign was posted across the street from Rovere’s home. He has since removed it because it was public property and there were complaints, but he said people have slowed down.