NOPD OK with French Quarter Minutemen, Group Says

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451915271NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Everyone’s been talking about the French Quarter Minutemen. They’re a group of armed volunteers conducting armed patrols of the French Quarter.

It was only a matter of time before they got the attention of the New Orleans Police Department.

On Tuesday, the group’s leader, Aaron Jordan, met with the NOPD to tell them what the group is all about.

Jordan said they weren’t discouraged, but the NOPD wants to be kept in the loop of their activity in the quarter.

“When you’re putting more unarmed people on the street, what you’re doing is creating more potential targets for crime. I don’t want to send out more victims. I want to send out an answer to it,” Jordan told WGNO.

The French Quarter Minutemen will have their first meeting later this month.

WGNO hit the streets to try and find residents against the group but we couldn’t find any.


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