Enhancements to Plaquemine’s Hurricane Plan Since Isaac

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PLAQUEMINES PARISH (WGNO) – A Hurricane Isaac by-product from one of the hardest hit areas are upgrades to the hurricane plan.

That was in Plaquemines Parish, where the drive now is to keep everyone clear and safe, next time.

Which is the theme Monday at Plaquemines Parish’s assembly on being hurricane ready

“This helps in regards to how you should prepare and what you should prepare with,” says Guy Laigast with the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency.

Laigast says since Isaac communication through social media is more efficient, “We’re on the website, Facebook, Twitter. That’s where you get information quickest and easiest from your parish representative.”

He says grant money since the last storm paid for new state-of-the-art heavy equipment, “Some high-water vehicles. Mobile command center. Airboats. Things of that nature that would help us in the event if we had to evacuate.”

Although useful after a hurricane, Laigast says the key is taking appropriate action before the heavy equipment is brought in, “Heed our warnings. If we ask you to leave. It’s time to leave.”

Plaquemines Parish also sees upgrades in transportation, evacuation routes and re-entry to the parish after a hurricane.

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