Get Prepared for Hurricane Season Now! St. Tammany Officials Warn

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St. Tammany Parish Readying for Hurricane Season

ST. TAMMANY PARISH (WGNO) – St. Tammany Parish emergency workers joined state and federal counterparts Tuesday to run through worst-case scenarios at the parish’s emergency operations center in Convington.

Two years ago during hurricane Isaac sandbags and Hesco Baskets were no match for rising waters in Slidell. Since then, levees have been beefed up in that area, but Highway 11 itself needs to be raised, a project still in the planning stages.

Elsewhere in the parish, tree limbs have been trimmed back and emergency plans updated to prepare for what’s predicted to be a gentler-than-normal storm season.

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But planners are well aware that even lesser storms can do great damage.

“It was a category one hurricane,” Pat Brister, parish president said, referring to Isaac. “You know the damage that we received here, in St. Tammany. We have learned that lesson that you don’t always look at just the category of the storm, you have to look at many many more things.”

Get ready

Brister urged everyone in the parish to get prepared now, rather than waiting until a storm is in the Gulf. “You need to do that now just as we’ve done it here.”

Brister encouraged families to sign up for the parishwide notification system, Alert! St. Tammany.  Registration is available through the parish government website,

Hurricane season begin June 1st.

If you need help doing that, there’s a great checklist at than can help get you going.