Café Reconcile: Changing Lives with Great Food and Much More

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Cafe Reconcile

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NEW ORLEAN (WGNO) – Café Reconcile is so much more than a restaurant, it’s a beacon of hope for some in Central City and a place of vision.

CEO, Glen Armantrout, says “The vision was to start eliminating the blight, and poverty, and prejudice in this, in this Central City area, so if you walked the streets 15 years ago and you walk them now, it’s a different time.”

The work of turning around young people is what the mission continues to be.

Kelder Summers-Jones, Director of Development explains, “The actual program is 12 weeks. They’ll start out 3 weeks of life skills, then they’ll go in the actual front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house training, and that’s about 6 weeks, and then they’ll go into an internship which is another 3 weeks.”

But if you haven’t been in a while, the expansion of Café Reconcile is amazing.

“So it’s a 5 story building and through the renovations we went from 2,400 square feet to 17,000 square ft.,” Armantrout says. “We acquired the property next door to us which enabled us to expand revenue generating space, as well as the program space.

“We’re not a restaurant with a program. We’re a program that has a restaurant.”

Learn more about Café Reconcile HERE

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