What Will it Take For New Orleans to Host It’s Next Super Bowl?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Just like after a rough game, New Orleans is feeling bumped and bruised after losing the 2018 Super Bowl to Minneapolis.

Now the city must look for its next opportunity.

The Convention Bureau’s Steve Perry who led the pitch for 2018 says NFL owners have sent a clear message to cities who want a Super Bowl, “The reason for owners to award a game have now officially changed. The entire dynamics of the game and public funding, partnerships with NFL stadiums and teams will make a defining difference in getting a Super Bowl in your city.”

Even though eight of the past ten Super Bowl bids were awarded to cities with brand new stadiums, Perry says building a new one here shouldn’t be necessary to host again, “You’re not going to be building a new stadium somewhere every year. If we are in a bid situation where a new stadium is opposite us, we’d have to really re-think about that again because it’s clear that the quality of the destination for the game is not the deciding factor in that.”

Now knowing the criteria has changed, Perry says they’ll come up with a different plan to win New Orleans and 11th Super Bowl.