Bunnies Injured After Being Thrown from Car Give Birth

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – The two young bunnies that were bound together and tossed from a vehicle in Lafreniere Park have given birth.

Remember those two little rabbits that grabbed the attention of pet lovers near and far? Well, they’ve been given names; and each has given birth.

Meet “Faith” and her two little ones.

“Faith is doing extremely well,” Dr. Leslie Pence said. “She’s actually putting weight on her casted leg and she is nursing her babies. “They’re growing; gaining weight, and they’re doing very well.”

The two young bunnies made headlines last Thursday when they were hurled from the window of a truck, in Lafreniere Park.

Their hind legs were bound together, and broken from the impact.

A Good Samaritan brought them to West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic in Metairie.

Days later their babies were born premature.

“Stress on a pregnant mother can sometimes induce labor and they had the babies three or four days after we got them,” Pence explained.

Hope lost both of her babies.

“Her first baby was a still born; and then her second baby survived for about two days.”

It’s believed both bunnies were pets to someone who perhaps wasn’t prepared to take care of them.

That’s not been a problem for Elizabeth and Colin; and their adopted pet “Bubbles.”

“A rabbit is a hands on pet, it’s not a lock in the cage and leave it alone, and look through the cage,” pet owner Alan Rovira said.  “Unfortunately we’ve known people in the neighborhood who’ve had caged rabbits and just leave it there; and they haven’t done very well.”

Faith and Hope will need long-term care.

A Go-Fund-Me account has been set up for donations.

The goal is to raise $3,000 to pay for surgeries and other medical expenses.

“I say donating is a good thing, they’re worthwhile animals,” Rovira said.

All four bunnies will be up for adoption in three to four months.

If you would like to donate toward their continued care, you can go online to: gofundme.com/9b21ww


  • Zilla

    That is just heartbreaking. Hope will need extra love on top of everything else she has been through, to lose both babies. So, so sad. These two darlings deserve a loving home for the rest of their lives and I hope they all end up with someone truly kind who has the means and the time to take care of them for their whole lives in a nice home.

    That anyone could have done such a thing to such sweet, vulnerable, and pregnant animals makes my heart hurt.

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