Bayou Boogaloo Trys to Set Good Example for Festivals at Bayou St. John

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Thousands will converge on Bayou St. John this weekend for Bayou Boogaloo.

Neighbors will keep a closer eye, ear and noise on trash and rowdy people.

Jean Lichtfuss with the Parkview Neighborhood Association says Bayou St. John’s growing popularity brings growing problems, “All of these events that are starting to pop up on the bayou but there needs to be better controls.”

Neighbors are generally happy the way Bayou Boogaloo handles noise and cleanup.

They say it’s the other festivals which need improvement.

“Some of the other festivals don’t really care as much about the neighborhood it seems,” says one neighbor in her yard.

Lichtfuss hopes somebody in government takes charge of this state waterway before problems today become bigger problems tomorrow, “Everybody wants to come party in our neighborhood now that they’ve discovered the bayou. certain amount of it`s fine.”

Neighbors say their biggest complaints about Bayou Boogaloo is the after-hours crowd and meter maids.