OMG! Rare, Mysterious Deep Sea Fish Was Found on a North Carolina Beach

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Deep Sea Fish

A Lancetfish was found Monday in Nags Head on a beach south of Jennette’s Pier. (Photographer: Leif Rasmussen via Daryl Law)

NAGS HEAD, N.C. – It seems like every week a rare mysterious sea creature is washing ashore, well this week is no different.

A Lancetfish was found along a beach in Nags Head, North Carolina Monday.

The large mouth, very sharp teeth fish usually grows up to 6.6 feet in length and swims just about everywhere in the ocean, except at the poles.

Though the Lancetfish swims everywhere, very little is know about their biology because they rarely come to shore.

Officials with Jennette’s Pier told WGHP, the rare fish was alive when it washed up on the beach and was released after being photographed.

Lancetfishes have been seen as far north as Greenland and are often caught by vessels long-lining for tuna.

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