Keep Track of Your Dog’s Activity With Monitor/App

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Head to any park or popular exercise spot and you will see the devices.  You know, the apps and wearable bands and buttons that keep track of information like how far and fast people run.

Fans of the devices say they’re great electronic motivators.

Thanks to an activity monitor called Whistle, you can also get your dog into the act.

Whistle ties to your dog’s collar and connects to the Wi-Fi in your house.  The device keeps track of when and how much your dog moves around each day.

You can set activity goals.  The Whistle mobile app allows you to see if your dog is getting any exercise while you’re away from home.

We put Whistle to the test.  Click on the video button to see how Dixie Big Dog fared on her first day of monitoring.