Cat on a Leash Turns Heads (Video)

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – We all know cats can be unpredictable.  You never know what they’re thinking or what they’ll do next.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini came across an unusual feline in Audubon Park; a cool cat that’s turning heads and winning hearts.

On any day in Audubon Park, you expect to see people running, kids in strollers, people walking their dogs, but one odd sight even has a Chihuahua turning his head.  It’s a cat on a leash!

Beatriz Pereira picked up Astolpho as a stray cat in Michigan.  She wasn’t going to keep him until, “The day I was actually driving him to the Humane Society, my grandfather passed.  I was crying so much and my husband said no, we’ll keep him,” says Pereira.

The typically outdoor cat had a lifestyle change when the family moved to New Orleans.

“We were just concerned it wasn’t safe enough for him to be outside where he didn’t know anything so I occasionally take him on walks,” says Pereira.

Astolpho loves his outings but he loves to taunt dogs even more.

“I think he likes to confront them.  He thinks he has a chance,” says Pereira.

Running seems pretty catastrophic for Astolpho.  He doesn’t understand why they do it.  It makes for one anxious cat.  You can’t say he lacks personality.

“I’m really grateful.  He’s a big joy in our life and other peoples lives as well,” says Pereira.

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