Same-Sex Couple Would Rather Get Married in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The same sex marriage issue got national exposure on Wednesday Nights episode of ABC`s Modern Family.

However, a New Orleans same sex couple is living a real-life episode, with marriage in their future.

Known as The Little Things, the duo performs around town harmonizing their voice while simultaneously playing ukuleles.

“Yeah, we’re getting married. We’re going to go up to New York,” says Katy Channing, sitting next to her fiancé, Shanece Gransam.

Even though Katy and Shanece consider traveling to New York a vacation, they’d rather legally tie the knot where they live now.

“We can’t even get married down here cause of Louisiana’s stupid marriage laws,” says Katy. “It’s the south. It’s still very much the south. In time we’ll be able to get married here.”

Louisiana is one of 33 states which ban same sex marriage.

17 states plus the District of Columbia legalized same sex marriage.

“I give Louisiana maybe five or ten years. So we’ll see how that goes,” says Shanece. “I think people recognize that it’s not a huge deal. It’s just two people who love each other.”

Katy and Shanece moved from Florida because they say New Orleans is open minded, “We hold hands in public and people don’t judge us. New Orleans is such a gay friendly city. You don’t say you’re going to Louisiana. You say you’re going to New Orleans.”

But Shanece says outside the city is different, “We’ll meet some awesome people and they love us and as soon as we go oh yeah, we’re a couple, they’re shamelessly like , oh I disapprove of your sex.”

The two love birds say they embrace challenges as history unfolds, while still on the forefront of the same sex marriage issue.

““We’ve come so, so far,” says Katy. “The fact that it’s legal in 17 states is fantastic.”

Shanece hope’s to encourage others, leading by example, “If you’re going to judge us then maybe find out a little bit more about us first.”

“Yeah,” says Katy. “We’re more than our sexuality, dammit. It`s just a matter of time and we`ll be able to get married wherever the hell we want and it won`t be an issue. It won`t be a problem.”


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