It’s Time for People to Get Over Michael Sam Kissing His Boyfriend

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The NFL has “The catch”.  Dwight Clark’s winning touchdown grab thrown by Joe Montana against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC championship game.  Now the NFL has “The kiss.” Michael Sam kissing his partner on the lips after he was selected by the Rams in last weekends NFL draft.

The reaction to this has been nothing short of amazing.  From acceptance to disgust.  From welcome to the NFL to why did ESPN bring this into my home?  Obviously we are dealing in a lot of “firsts” here.  Sam is the first openly gay major college player.  Sam is the first openly gay all-sec and all-American football player.  Sam is the first openly gay drafted player.  And Sam kissed his partner or boyfriend just like many drafted players kiss their girlfriend or wife.  And it’s not going away.  Guess what?  Gay people are here to stay.  So you can either accept them or beat you head against the wall and fight them.  This is America.  Where all people are created equal.  That includes the homosexual population.

Yesterday I heard a talk show host say “Why do I have to see it?  What is their agenda?  It’s not normal!”   You don’t have to see it.  You can change the channel.  As far as their agenda?  Well, it’s the same as yours. Just to live free in America.  And what’s not normal is the anti-homosexual comments many have made.  Michael Sam is a football player.  And Michael Sam happens to be gay.  Get used to it.

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