Exclusive Reaction: Man Seen on Viral Arrest Video Appears in Court

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The River Ridge man whose arrest video went viral, made an appearance in court.

Donrell Breaux was booked with battery of an officer and resisting arrest, following a disturbance call.

Wednesday the 26-year old heard the status of his case; he shared exclusive reaction with WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

Below is the viral arrest video at the center of Wednesday’s status hearing in a Jefferson Parish courtroom.


Donrell Breaux left the Jefferson Parish Government Complex disappointed; because six weeks after the March 30th arrest, prosecutors are still reviewing the case.

“I definitely was hoping for a more quicker response out of the D.A., attorney of Jefferson Parish.”

The arrest followed a heated exchange Breaux had with one of his River Ridge neighbors, in the 200 block of Marmandie Avenue.

Jefferson Parish deputies responded to the disturbance call.

The video recorded on a cell phone left viewers on social media asking if the deputy crossed the line.

Donrell Breaux says he doesn’t understand why prosecutors haven’t made a decision on whether to accept or drop the charges against him.

“I have video, I’ve done nothing wrong. “The video shows what happened and I mean how much time do you need to make a call on something you can actually see and hear.”

“It can happen to you,” Maxwell Billieon said. “If it happened to someone this way and it’s on video imagine what can happen to you if it’s not on video.”

Maxwell Billieon is an author and life-style strategist out of Los Angeles.

He made the trip to New Orleans to serve as Breaux’s advisor and spokesman.

Billieon is pleased prosecutors have not rushed to judgment, but he believes the case has publicly tarnished Breaux’s reputation, and has placed his on hold.

“This is a guy who was working progressively, about to start a new job, that he lost and he’s not been able to procure an income,” Billieon explained. “With regard to the district attorney, he has the ability to say how he’s going to pursue the charges, or if he’s going to pursue the charges. “And so we’re hoping he’s going to review the case thoroughly and do the right thing, which is drop all of the charges.”

Breaux has secured an attorney who plans to review the case for any possible civil rights violations.

A second status hearing will be scheduled next month.