Phone Scam Targeting Jefferson Parish Residents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In the interest of public safety, the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office would like to remind everyone to please be aware of illegal phone solicitations that are occurring here in Jefferson Parish.  The callers randomly choose their victims and provide these elaborate schemes  requesting money. Just recently we’ve had an incident where a 79 year-old River Ridge female was contacted from two phone number she did not recognize, and told by the suspects that the victim’s granddaughter was arrested and she needed to send $7,000.00 immediately. Unfortunately, the female became confused and was concerned over the welfare of her granddaughter.  The caller told her to obtain green dot money cards which serve as US currency.  They can be easily purchased at local retail outlets. Once the victim had the cards, she was instructed to contact the caller to provide the numbers on the cards to him.  After the victim had the money cards, she did as she was instructed, however, it didn’t stop there. The victim was called repeatedly and she continued to do as instructed by purchasing thousands of dollars of additional money cards. The phone numbers used in this scam are (438) 933- 4265 and (438) 961-9053.  Our investigators determined the aforementioned phone numbers came back to an unknown provider in both Quebec and Montreal Canada.  We have requested the assistance of the FBI in this investigation.


The Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office would like to remind everyone not to provide personal information and or funds of any source to individuals they do not know.  It is always best to try to verify information from anonymous callers as well.  If you are contacted by phone with a scam such as this, please call 911 immediately to report the illegal activity.

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  • lisaansley

    Sounds like that old scam has resurfaced. I learned about it the first time from and even added the scammer’s phone number to my block list. That was way back 2011. I didn’t expect it to thrive until now. One thing I admire about phone scammers, they’re darn persistent. Lol!

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