Corruption in St. Tammany

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What’s wrong with senate president John Alario, St Tammany district attorney Walter reed, and other politicians in our state?   I’ll tell you, they abuse their power over and over and over again.  That’s usually what you get from career politicians.  Alario has been at it for 40 years and Reed is not that far behind.  Career politicians that set up themselves, friends and family with what essentially belongs to us.

These guys are the kings of abusing campaign finances and also  double billing on expenses.  And obviously when you’ve been a public official, and I use that term lightly with this bunch, for decades, you obviously know better.  But these jokers also know that the state ethics board has no teeth.  They know exactly what they can get away with.  So they abuse the system and have been for decades.   Alario and Reed’s petty actions speaks volumes about the integrity or lack there of that these guys have.  Career politicians using campaign funds for personal items and setting up family needs to stop.  The only way that happens is if we demand it.