‘Come On – Really?’ Sen. Vitter Goes Toe-to-Toe with NFL in Trademark Dispute

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Lom-Burger TrophyMETAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – An unusual legal battle may pit the NFL against the owner of Phil’s Grill in Metairie.

Friday, Senator David Vitter sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell almost daring them to take legal action against him and the owner of Phil’s Grill, Phil de Gruy.

At the cornerstone of the dispute is Phil’s use of the ‘Lom-Burger Trophy’ to promote his ‘Burger Bowl’ during the Saints season. Phil, undoubtedly, modeled the tongue-in-cheek names and the pyramid-shaped trophy after the Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl.

But to that, Vitter wrote ‘Come on – really?” in a letter to Goodell.

“The only similarity with the Lombardi Trophy is a pyramid-shaped base,” Vitter said. “Has the NFL trademarked the pyramid shape?  Are you also initiating legal action against the nation of Egypt and Transamerica Corporation?”

At a press conference Friday, Vitter said “[the NFL] doesn’t have a legal basis.”

“If you’re going to continue any of that and sue anybody, you can sue me too, because I’m in this and I’m an official licensee,” he said.

This isn’t New Orleans first brush with the NFL. Back in 2010, the NFL targeted T-shirt shops for making their own apparel that said ‘Who Dat.’