No More Bacon, Your Dog Really Wants a Spa Treatment! Here’s Proof!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – You can never have too many toys, rock enough rhinestones or lay in the lap of too much luxury when you are the most pampered pooch in the house. For some humans, there are no limits to the lengths they’ll go to put Fido first.

“You’re talking to one of those people, yes, that is very common, people will come in and pamper their dogs much better than they do for themselves. Specifically with food, my dog for instance, eats better than I do,” admits Belladoggie Resort Spa for Dogs Manager, Jacob Lennie.

All natural, sugar-free treats pack the shelves of the retail store. They have yogurt covered cookies, even peanut butter cups just for dogs!

It gets sweeter: meet the Belladoggie Divas! Snow White and Ranger are used to getting spa treatments so they are always calm and relaxed.

Snow White gets a PAWdicure every two weeks. “It is really relaxing. We really focus on the pads of the dogs to keep them soft and the nails as well,” says Groomer Crystal Stewart. Ranger loves a seaweed wrap. “That is something at a high-end spa for people even. We have a lot of great products for dogs for special needs, skin conditions, itchy skin, anything like that, those are the types of treatments we really like to offer our clients because it is hard to find for pets,” says Lennie.

A doggie detox day can start at around $75.00 dollars and go up from there if you decide to go all in…In fact, Americans are expected to spend 60 billion dollars on their pets, this year alone. It is serious business, seriously, living the resort lifestyle never looked so good!